Spaces are containers of commerce and content data derived from your composed data sources.

Create a space

To create a new Space, log in to the Nacelle Dashboard and navigate to “Home” in the primary navigation pane. Then, click the Add Space button in the top right of the work area.

Give the space a name and save it.

After saving your space, you’ll be taken to a prompt to add data source connectors.

As Nacelle ingests data, it will present itself in the Nacelle dashboard. Also, you can add members to the space if you’d like, or you can come back later and complete this step. Note that the organization owner and all admins already have access to the newly created space.

APIs settings

A Nacelle Space comes with several API settings that grant you access to Nacelle’s services.

To manage your Space’s API settings, navigate to Space Settings and select the API tab.

From there, you can view all the API-related settings associated with the Space.

  • Space API Details
    Space ID: Your Space’s unique identifier.
  • Data Ingestion API
    Data Ingestion Endpoint: The GraphQL endpoint for ingesting data into Nacelle
    Source ID For: Your Space’s source ID for ingesting data
    Private Token: Your Space’s private token for ingesting data. This token is used to mutate your indexed data and should NOT be exposed on any public-facing site.
  • Storefront API
    Storefront Endpoint: The GraphQL endpoint for querying data from the Storefront API
    Public Storefront Token: Your Space’s public token. This token can be used on public-facing sites to query data.

API services

A Nacelle Space grants you access to the following API Services.

  • Ingestion API
    Data can be created, updated, and deleted directly using Nacelle's data ingestion GraphQL mutations. Check out the ingesting data guide for more information on how to authenticate with and send requests.
  • Storefront API
    Nacelle's Storefront API is a highly performant and scalable GraphQL API for fetching data. The API exposes your space's data and can be accessed directly or with the Storefront SDK. Check out the usage guide for more information on authenticating with and making requests to the Storefront API.

Space properties

Space properties are custom namespaced key-value data sets that can be added to any Nacelle space. This data is accessible via the Space endpoint in the GraphQL API.

Add properties

Select a space from the organization home or the space dropdown menu in the primary navigation pane to add space properties.

Now that you have a space selected go to the Space Properties menu selection and click Add a Namespace or the Add a new Namespace button in the primary workspace.

In the modal that opens, create a Group Name, then click Add a Property... and name the key-value pair. When you’re finished adding items, click the Save Namespace button.

Edit properties

To edit details of a namespace or a key/value pair, simply click the 3 dot menu icon on the row of the namespace you would like to edit and select "Edit Namespace."

Then, make any changes in the modal and click Save Namespace when you're finished.

GraphQL output

Each Space property has a namespace, key and value. For example:

    namespace: 'shop',
    key: 'title',
    value: 'My Shop'
    namespace: 'shop',
    key: 'category',
    value: 'My Shop Category'
    namespace: 'settings',
    key: 'currency',
    value: 'USD'