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What is Nacelle?

Nacelle is a commerce experience platform that fuels merchant growth by ingesting best-of-breed solutions and then streamlining your product data and content to let you build a custom checkout, empower campaign personalization with Genesis, along with leveraging the syndicated data to build custom apps. Nacelle is designed to empower brands with the flexibility and scalability necessary to thrive in the modern digital space. By decoupling the front-end presentation layer from the backend infrastructure, Nacelle enables businesses to build the commerce stack you want. With features like GraphQL APIs and pre-built connectors with leading commerce tools, Nacelle empowers brands to optimize performance,fully personalize your customers experience, and streamline operations, ultimately driving increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

How does Nacelle work?

Nacelle accomplishes this with a three-tier architecture:

1. Ingest

Nacelle ingests commerce data such as product, content, digital assets, pricing, inventory, orders, and customer, from best-of-breed solutions.

Ingest data using our:

Check out our Getting Started with Data Ingestion page.

2. Orchestrate

Once data is ingested, Nacelle normalizes data in real time using our data orchestration layer. Normalizing data involves transforming it into a standardized format that ensures consistency and compatibility across different systems. This process allows Nacelle to handle both unstructured and transformed structured data effectively, enabling seamless integration and efficient data processing.
Here’s how your data gets streamlined:

  • Transform - We convert the raw, transformed, structured, or unstructured data into a standardized format that our system can easily process and utilize. Structured data includes organized product information like SKUs and prices, detailed order records, and systematically formatted sales tax data. Unstructured data includes free-form product description and media assets such as images and videos.
  • Store - We then save this transformed data in a secure and accessible location within our application.
  • Index - Last, we organize and catalog the stored data in a structured manner, typically using specific criteria or metadata, to facilitate efficient retrieval and querying of the data, enabling you to build the commerce stack you want.
  • Retrieve - Now your standardized data is completely queryable and searchable.

3. Engage

Once data is ingested and streamlined, you can use Nacelle to power unique experiences such as a checkout solution, campaign personalization with Genesis, or export the data to build your own custom solution or applications.

  • Orders & Checkout:
    • Nacelle manages data from your third party tools, such as payment, sales tax, shipping, inventory, and promotions, ensuring smooth communication between your checkout process and commerce management tools in real-time, as customers proceed through the checkout process on your website. Connect your commerce management tools using our mappers and syncs, and use our prebuilt integrations:
      • Integration with Avalara for sales tax
      • Integration with Stripe for secure transactions.
      • Back up your inventory management tool with our internal inventory tool to prevent overselling.
    • Personalize with Genesis:
      • Personalized product recommendations to increase upsells and cross-sells.
    • Export and build your own solution:
      • APIs for programmatically accessing and retrieving data.
      • Export capabilities for transferring data to external systems or databases.
      • Compatibility with common data formats and standards for seamless integration.

What’s Next

To get started using Nacelle, check out our Getting Started page.