The Ingest REST API is expertly engineered as part of Nacelle's platform to streamline the process of data ingestion highly focused in the developer experience.

Nacelle provides different ways to ingest data into its platform. One opinionated way of doing it is by using the Prebuilt Connectors created for the specific Shopify, Contentful or Sanity data sources.

A more powerful alternative is by using a Custom data source (learn more in How to setup Custom Data Source). This is precisely where the Ingest REST API becomes instrumental. It takes leverage of this type of data source by enabling indexation of content and commerce data types, such as collections, product, variants, inventory, price books, ensuring their seamless integration and optimal performance within the platform at scale.


Details about the API schema definition, can be found in Ingest API Reference

Ingest REST API endpoint is

API Usage

All the required information needed to interact with the API can be found in Nacelle's platform dashboard under Space Settings -> API Details

HTTP Request Headers

The following headers are required to make requests to the API:

  • x-nacelle-space-id
  • x-nacelle-source-id
  • x-nacelle-ingest-token

The x-nacelle-ingest-token can be generated by clicking on the Create New Key button.

The x-nacelle-space-id can be found on the Space ID section

The x-nacelle-source-id can be found on the Source ID for Custom section. If you don't see a Source ID then follow instructions to create a new Custom Data Source


  • Request body: 5MB
  • API Rate Limit (by x-nacelle-space-id header): ~66 req/s