GraphQL Explorer

Build queries, explore the Storefront API schema, and your space's data.

The GraphQL Explorer gives you a view of everything you need to query data in your Nacelle space.

This UI has a lot of features to help developers take full advantage of Storefront API querying inside the Nacelle Dashboard.

GraphQL Explorer panels

Query Explorer - Supercharge how you compose queries. See all available queries and fields for each type, click to add or remove items.

Query History - Review and re-run recent queries. This history persists in your browser's local storage, but is specific to each space you have access to.

Query Composer - Write, test and execute queries to validate API responses in the Response panel. Comes with built-in auto-completion and error highlighting.

Documentation Explorer - Navigate through all the GraphQL queries and types available on the Storefront API. Use the search box to quickly find schema items.