Mapping Commerce Data

Send data between your commerce tools and Nacelle.

You can ingest and normalize your data into Nacelle using the prebuilt connectors or the ingestion REST API. Orders & Checkout takes this process further and facilitates sending your order data between your commerce tools and Nacelle. Nacelle manages data such as payment, sales tax, shipping, inventory, and promotions, ensuring smooth communication between your checkout process and commerce management tools in real-time, as customers proceed through the checkout process on your website. The data forwarding process is facilitated by 'mappers'. These mappers act as translators between your system's data structure and Orders & Checkout, ensuring seamless data flow in and out of the platform.

The data forwarding process usually is initiated after the payment has been completed (for example, through a payment gateway like Stripe). This section will delve deeper into the details of the data forwarding process.

The role of mappers

Mappers are pieces of software that convert the structure and format of your system's data to match the Orders & Checkout expected input format. They are responsible for parsing the data from your system, mapping it to the required API fields, and sending it to the ingestion API. Then, they do the same thing in reverse to forward the data back out to your commerce tools.

Orders & Checkout is vendor agnostic, and the mappers can be used with any technology or language as long as they conform to the requirements outlined in the API documentation.

Getting started

To get started with the Nacelle mappers, check out the specific documentation: