Managing Product Data

Viewing product data

To view and manage your space’s product data, select the space you would like to manage – either from the dashboard home screen...

...or from the space selector dropdown in the primary navigation pane.

Then, select Indices from the primary navigation pane and choose the Products tab.

From here, you’ll be able to view/manage your products, view product data, re-index products, and view/copy JSON details.



Because a composable stack is distributed across the internet, Nacelle ships with an advanced re-indexing system to ensure fault tolerance in your data index.

If you ever need to ingest data again from an upstream source, you can do so by clicking the Re-Index button found in the 3 dot menu.

You can re-index all products at one time or hover over specific products and re-index only those products by clicking the 3 dot menu and Re-Index. Nacelle will ingest all upstream data, detect the differences, and restore your index without downtime.

You can double-check each entry's last index time, which will help you determine the recency of the latest ingestion for that object.

Product data inspection

To view the JSON representation of a particular product entry, click on the item from the list of indexed entries, followed by the View JSON button. Below is an example of a product entry’s JSON.