pricing (BETA)

The pricing endpoint adds pricings to an index.

  • If an indexId field is present, the entries will be added to that index.

  • If an indexId is not specified the entries will be added to the current active index,
    and all in progress indexes for the specified sourceId.

  • An entryTypeSourceIdMap may be specified if the sourceVariantId points to a data connector from a different source, such as Shopify.

  • An entry may contain sourceSegmentId. This will allow multiple versions of a variant pricing for different segments or customer groups.

    • This should NOT be used by default, because pricings will not be queryable without a customer auth token pointing towards the given sourceSegmentId.
    • See the Standalone Price Books for B2B Guide for details.

Required fields are sourceEntryId, sourcePriceBookId, and sourceVariantId.

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